The Performance Ensemble

The Performance Ensemble is an ensemble company of performers over the age of 60 from a range of different performance skills and diverse cultures. The Ensemble occupies the space between professional, amateur and community theatre practise, creating high quality performance that emerges from the heart of communities.

We already work across the UK, building a unique style of professional theatre and reflecting the lives of the performers we work with.

"I am 69 next April and feel like I am an emerging artist again, writing applications and starting again after 40 successful years as a theatre director. I am finding new partners, developing new methodology and trying to re-establish myself again, re-inventing myself a little.

I don’t think the desire to create work and discover new things from that work ever goes away. So now I am developing a new company exploring new ways for me to create theatre. This takes time and a re-evaluation of old thinking.

Having run one Ensemble Company  for over 10 years I still want to work within that methodology . The aim is to work together over a long period of time, creating work and developing it over years. I made a version of “Animal Farm” that stayed in the Northern Stage repertoire for 12 years. That’s the way I like to work. Creating work that never stays still, always looking for more depth, more nuance, more clarity. The Performance Ensemble is a emerging company for older performers from many different backgrounds and cultures. I want to work with performers, in what I call, 'the space between professional, amateur and community arts practice’, concentrating on the relationship between us all and our shared knowledge and experience. When you are older you have many things to share and each of us will learn from the other. This takes time."

Alan Lyddiard - Artistic Director - The Performance Ensemble

1st August 2012